What Customers Say

"just wanted to let you know that both the cards and the calendar have arrived - love love love! Thank you so very much ❤️"  - AM 14 Nov 2021

"Oh my God, I love them all!!" - SW (29 Oct 2021)

"I'm very happy with my order. The quality of the cards is fantastic as usual!" - CB (16 Oct 2021)

"I love these cards that came in the mail today" - JL (7 Oct 2021)

"They've arrived and are beautiful - as always! " - SW (28 Sept 2021)

"Thank you Kelly, the cards are gorgeous : ) " - AW (27 Sept 2021)

"Many thanks for all your help the parcel arrived this morning and we are delighted with all our purchases "  - SW (23 Sept 2021)

"They’re all so lovely I could nearly buy all of them. ...  I just love your cards so much, they are all gorgeous. " - CH (30 Aug 2021)

"Thanks so much for the cards.  They are gorgeous.   I thought Gin and Bear it was a very appropriate card to send to my friends in lockdown.  "  - LB (28 May 2021)

"My card order arrived today.  Thanks heaps.  I am absolutely delighted with my order and can't wait to send them off to my friends." - CC (24 Mar 2021)

"Looking forward to seeing the new catalogue!" - CA (9 Mar 2021)

"I received the cards this morning.  I will certainly spread the word about your site.  Even when things, hopefully, return to normal, I will buy my cards through you.  I have previously acquired cards on my travels (and, so, anticipating future birthdays) but that just adds to the weight in the luggage and it becomes hit-and-miss to find cards that are suitable." - PK (10 Feb 2021)